Tweet me Seymour

23 Nov

This week at JJ towers we’ve been out talking to various sportsmen and women about social media, how to make it work, and how not to. There’s no doubt that if you want honesty, immediacy and sometime lunacy then going direct to the source is the best way to get it, and that’s certainly what you get with the “Twitterati” that inhabit the 140 chracters of cyberspace.

As sometimes sports journalists, a number of the JJ team have often been caught wiling away the hours staring at the likes of Graeme Swann ( @swannyg66 ) as he prepares for the Ashes “I’m bouncing round the room listening to Maximo Park and thinking about Thursday”. Or how’s about the ongoing “twitter-off” between Rio Ferdinand ( @rioferdy5 ) and Robbie Savage ( @robbiesavage8 ), or in fact any of the numerous sporting conquests Robbie’s had over a limited amount of characters.

For the journalist in us (and the voyeur) the prospect of a direct link to a sporting personality is, to say the least, a relief, given the years of running the agent or PRgauntlet. But a word to the wise, we are watching and we’re not alone. ” This Twitter thing,  I need to be on it”, those the words of one such personality this week, “I just write it, and everyone sees it?” Yep and sometimes with dire consequences. Jjust this week England footballer Kevin Davies opened himself up to a Tweet-load of abuse when he overcooked his Pop Tart, re-inforcing certain stereotypes, whilst England’s Rugby players are apparently getting a lesson in Twitter after Danny Care chose micro-blogging as a way of criticising the referee (@danny_care if it’s still up there!)

Twitter is brilliant and, like any social media, it is the future and it is now. It’s a great brand maker, a great communicator and a fantastic use and waste of time, it’s a way for people, brands and sporting leg-ends to make their own media broadcast, but in the same way there are whole websites dedicated to TV and Radio bloopers there are Twitter gaff sites appearing daily.  So, if you wouldn’t say it to your mum, your gran or your employer, don’t say it at all. Unless, of course, it’s notoriety you wanted all along.

Check out “Tweeting Athletes” a great site for stalking sporting pros… Tweet me Seymour, the more you feed them.. they will come.

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