We’re already @theashes

29 Nov

Race of Champions hits number 7, and BarmyArmyAshes brings up the rear!

There was a moment of media hype that came, and surely will quickly go this week, that once again proved the power of Social Media.  For those that don’t know (and there’s no reason why you should.. unless of course you’re following our brilliant BarmyArmyAshes Blog and Podcast) @theashes is the Twitter name of an American lass who had, the initially unfortunate pleasure, of sharing the same name as the biggest Cricket event on the planet.

It was first thing Friday morning when we first made contact with Ashley Kerekes, from Massachusetts.

When searching the #ashes hashtag we came across Ashley’s tweet “this is not the account of the cricket match. Check profiles before you send mentions, it’s incredibly annoying and rude”.

Since that point Ashley and her catchphrase “I am not a freaking cricket match” have gone global, with offers from airlines and phone companies to ship her out to Australia. For the woman who had no prior knowledge of cricket, and an original followership of around 300, it’s been a pretty successful three days.

Over seven thousand followers later and talk of a mass production of t-shirts the social media tide is turning. “Retweet this if you think @theashes shouldn’t get free tickets to Aus” said one, and then another, and then another as tweeters seemed to rally against the injustice of one woman, with no real apparent love of cricket, getting a free ride.  

Whether @theashes does eventually make it out to Australia remains to be seen, (we hope she does as we’re waiting with a beer) but one thing’s for sure her story has yet again shown the rapid power of social media to make and then break your average joe. It’s better and bigger than the X Factor could ever hope to be, and why so many brands are desperate to get it right.

As a somewhat larger than life footnote, www.barmyarmyashes.com has in a very short time become a phenomenal success, which has taken us all at JJ by surprise, a top ten listing in iTunes (along with the Race of Champions Podcast which we host) shows that people love to hear their own voices, and the opinions of the fans. If you haven’t heard it, take a listen you’ll hear everyone from the former Referee Graham Poll, to brilliant punters like “How I won the Ashes” and “White_ox” the banter is unrivalled. Add to that Stuart’s blogs from down under and it’s a total social media solution of which we’re very proud.

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