The battle of the world cup losers

3 Dec

A healthy mention on iTunes again

It was around about 250pm on Thursday 2nd December when we realised England were not going to win the right to host the 2018 world cup. As part of our JJ team sat at 5live, news started filtering through on Twitter that we’d been knocked out in the first round of voting and, as it later emerged, only with two votes.

But at least we weren’t the worst. No Australia too had failed in their attempt to host a world cup, going out with just one vote, their own.

So it came to pass that the second test of the Ashes series would have more on it than a little old ding-dong for an urn. This time it was the battle of the World Cup losers.

AS we write in JJ HQ, the podcast from the first day, of the second test is about to go live on iTunes, and as it turns out we’re doing as well as England in the cricket. We peaked at about number 3 in the charts in the early hours, and hovered around the lucky 13. So a well done to one and all, proving in social media terms, England and Australia can garner more than one vote.

As the merry world of the media in this country is no doubt unleashed on FIFA we’re bedding down for a weekend editing in the snow after another busy week.

JJ, in the form of Lisa O, was present at a function this week with the great and good of football, and Chelsea fan Alec Stewart. Alec kind enough to say a few words for the BarmyArmy faithful.

The latest offering from The Co-operative is also storming the charts and was in the top ten food category this week, worth viewing on the official website as you can also bag yourself a Manchester United shirt!

Plus in the battle for social media supremacy Martin Allen, not for the faint hearted, but his opinions on FIFA, England et al deserve to be heard! Martin caps off a fine week with a performance on Fighting Talk on Saturday.

So with a song in our heart, and snow on our boots JJ will be working through the weekend, we hope you enjoy yours and with XFactor, I’m a celebrity and Strictly Come dancing all rearing their heads.. we hope you, unlike some, use your vote wisely.

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