Calm before the storm

8 Dec

Some may think it a little early in December to be hitting the reflective note, but as we storm forward with the Ashes, video and radio pilots and some rather special pods we thought it best to give you an early flavour of what’s been another hectic but rewarding 12 months.

It’s been an incredibly busy year at JJ towers with new projects a plenty  co-inciding with a year of incredible change on the social media front.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Not content with having enough users to be as populated as the third biggest country in the world, Facebook now has this year had more column inches in the traditional press than most Hollywood filmstars, and with Social Media, the film, a blockbuster grossing more than even the greatest movie makers would be proud of.

For us though, the most important thing to come out of the film were those that watched it. Half left thinking  “damn, why didn’t I have that idea”, the other half  “what can I come up with to make my fortune?” . Social Media the film was to some filmgoers, what  Christmas is to the young at heart, it made them believe.

Away from Facebook and no one could have predicted the continued rise and rise of Twitter and Foursquare , the latter just today announcing over 5 million users. and with their success in part down to the continued advances off the web  in terms of technology.

Incredible applications on the ipad, iphone and the usability increase of the Blackberry and other “smart” devices meaning that come this time next year more of us will be surfing through handheld than your regular desktop solutions. Our personal favourites in the JJ office include the new advances in attachable microphones and the amazing handheld video recorders.

And for us these incredible advances have made broadcasting from your pocket a reality.

That’s why although we prepare to bid a fond farewell to 2010, it’s to 2011 that we’ll be looking with such optimistic fervour. For all at JJ, 2011 will mean the year we really get to put into practice all our hopes, dreams and ambitions, the year we get to create our Social Media.

The production of content online and on mobile has always been for the JJ team about bringing high quality BBC values to anyone that wants them, and for 2011 that means schools, WI groups, voluntary organisations and brands, it’s where social goals meet social media.

It may sound a bit smultzy, but it’s where we want to be, and thanks to all those have supported us this year in making next year happen with such rapidity.

Still to look out for in the next couple of weeks, Stuart returns from Australia as “Dave” takes over the Barmy Army mantle, we’ll have the latest from the big awards we’re up for, there’s a new project coming up involving the walking opinion that is Martin Allen, and Russell makes his presents felt in a new BBC show courtesy of the good boys and girls at JJ. Enjoy the festive period whatever you get up to and make it count!

P.S special thanks to James and Lissa for the brand new look business cards check out the other fantastic work from their design company here.

One Response to “Calm before the storm”

  1. Claire December 8, 2010 at 11:26 pm #


    Congratulations on another year of great programmes and podcasts. Particularly impressed with the all-round production of your Ashes coverage.

    The blogs and podcasts, as well as Twitter, have ensured that despite the time difference the fan gets a 360 experience from thousands of miles away – esp if you can’t stay up all night or stump up the subscription! A vodcast of some of the podcast characters would be the icing on the cake!!

    Happy 2011!

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