Are you listening to this?

16 Dec

More than 8 million adults in Britain have downloaded a podcast according to the Radio Joint Audience Research’s (RAJAR) 7th internet survey, released today.

The RAJAR research is widely regarded as the most accurate of its kind and quizzed 1091 people in November via Ipsos MORI. Measuring all internet delivered audio services, the survery also showed a rise in online radio listens, but Podcast listening continues to grow fast as an entertainment medium. It appears in the era of celebrity-led television it appears more and more are increasing their audio listening – three quarters of respondents said their podcast habit had not affected their other listening habits.

The report found the ‘typical podcast user’ subscribes to just under 5 podcasts and spends around 2 hours every week listening to them. As in previous surveys, comedy and music remain the two favourite genres, according to the research.

Breaking one of the often cited myths about podcasting, the report also revealed that despite the widespread take up up MP3 players and MP3-compatible smartphones, more than three quarters of Brits listen to podcasts when at home. Half of all podcast users also listened to podcasts in the car or on public transport.

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