Spend a little time with friends

23 Dec

That’s exactly what we’re hoping to do this Christmas at the end of a very busy few weeks. With Caroline broadcasting on 5live and Lisa over on Talksport, for some at JJ towers it will be like any other day.

So as a treat, we’ve been spreading the festive joy early and recorded a special show for Christmas day. Russell Grant and Friends, is the first of what we hope will be many trips behind the closed doors of our esteemed leader.

With guests including Heston Blumenthal, Melinda Messenger, Tessa Jowell and Alistair McGowan, there has never been a party you wanted an invite to more. And guess what? You can!

From 8am on Christmas day check out www.santapods.com to hear Russell broadcast to the world. It’s not quite the Christmas speech, but dare we say it’s better?

Thanks again for all your help, input and ears this year – enjoy our present to you from all at JJ and see you in 2011! That is of course if we don’t see you on Boxing day at www.barmyarmyashes.com .. remember even Christmas doesn’t stop the Ashes onslaught! Enjoy.

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