Has the year started already?

31 Dec

We’ve had a very enjoyable time of the festive period here at JJ towers. The resounding success of the Ashes, on and off the blog, we’re sure has helped make Barmyarmyashes a minor celebrity in his own right. 

So much so that we half expected a mention of Stuart and co in the New Year honours list  , sadly not. The lone Scotsman did however manage his way onto 5live and into the Guardian this Christmas, as well as of course booming his way from some mobile device or other with the podcast .

But not all the plaudits go to Stuart.. big slap on the back for Lisa and the production team working on The Co-operative podcast who have yet again been named in the top 5 podcasts in the UK for business. A great achievement, but acknowledgement of the real range there has been across the podcast in the past 12 months, dealing with both weighty and light-hearted issues in equal measure. A massive thanks to for the Co-operative and their continued support.

Now before this runs away like an Oscar acceptance.. all that remains is to wish you all a very prosperous 2011, remember if anyone has any ideas they want to see become a reality just get in touch and we’ll make it happen!


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