Sex, cats & women, what not to post on Twitter

10 Jan

As Liverpool’s Ryan Babel is forced to apologise for posting a mocked up picture of referee Howard Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt on Twitter, it just reaffirmed what we’ve always thought, thought is free but can cost you a packet.

The FA are debating what they should do with Babel as we speak, but the Liverpool man is not alone of late, just weeks ago it seems we were spouting off about everyone from Aussie cricketer Phil Hughes, to footballer Darren Bent who have all fallen foul of the “open mouth before engaging brain” mentality of Twitter.

For followers it can be fantastically voyeuristic, but should rather serve as a harsh lesson to us all. As we speak rules and regulations are being invented and re-written to pay account of the new social media technology. You can’t stop people doing it, but you can given them advice, given them coaching and perhaps allow people to think before they speak, or spout – and that’s what we’re here for! What would be the real tragedy is if we stop hearing from the horse’s mouth, if we miss that peek behind the curtains. Gone are the days when footballers used to share a crafty pint in the pub with the local hack, and Twitter is the next best thing. 

As for “sex, cats and women” well that’s our new experiment, apparently they’re the three words that will get you most noticed on the internet, as they’re among the most “Googled”. So footballers, chairmen, managers, if you’re reading this, we’re available for hire.

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