Save the BBC or as the kids say #savethebbc

26 Jan

Where would we be without the BBC? We only ask because in case you missed it, the institution we at JJ Towers grew up to idolise, has been forced to shed a load of jobs in an effort to appease either the books, some higher entity or maybe even us as members of the public.

With the cut in the Licence Fee and the Foreign Office no longer funding the World Service, nearly a thousand posts will go.

For the past few years a large proportion of those inside “Auntie” have worried about their future and with the news this week, and more still to come, with every good reason.

The reason we got involved in the BBC was multi-layered. We love all the BBC stands for; balance, creativity, intelligent thought, to inform, educate and entertain. On a base level, we also love the feeling of walking through the doors of Television Centre, of Broadcasting House of Bush House and knowing you’re part of a great institution.

So we have to admit to a vested interest in the BBC doing well, but even if you don’t take the licence fee shilling, without her we’d be living in a very different world.

Modern advances like the iPlayer, HDTV, Digital, and then further back the World Service to  Top Gear, Woman’s hour, Monty Python – the BBC is, and should continue to be, part of our British culture.

It seems ludicrous, therefore, that in an age where all the BBC has stood for in innovation is coming to fruition the Beeb should decide to cut back in those very areas.

Take the losses in online. Whilst all other brands and companies look to expand that area the BBC cuts back, and it’s not about saving money either. It’s more about being seen to lower the headcount.

So what other organisation will step forward and replace them? Will others create such great content about your area? Will others step forward and create technology and innovate to pass onto all?

Forget the headlines.  We’ve never met the DG, or the controller of BBC One, but the workers on the ground are our friends, colleagues and now in some cases employees. Those are the people that make the BBC and without them this country would be a poorer place for it, financially and of mind.

But rather than sit back and take it, we’re going to offer to take on one of those areas about to be hit, watch this space for that.

If we were of our mums age we might write a strongly worded letter to the Director General, the Prime Minister and the papers, but because of the innovations online, which the BBC has been a large part of, we are able to blog to the world.

There needs to be an honest debate about what the public really wants. Yes there are some who resent bitterly the license fee tax but there are others who fear some of the most basic services they enjoy would disappear if the licence fee was abolished. Who would put on Songs of Praise? Would others cover the State Opening of Parliament?

Would commercial rivals broadcast QI, Newsround, Gardener’s World, Question Time?

The BBC has to start defending itself – face its critics head on. It is only right the BBC should always be vigilant against becoming bloated and there is no group of people more horrified at the size of some of the senior managers pay than rank and file BBC staff. But the BBC has got to start demonstrating to the British people why they would miss it if it disappeared.

So, think for a moment about what the world would be like without “Auntie” and #savethebbc , it may not be a letter, but it’s what your children deserve from you.

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