The end of Facebook? All hail knitting

23 Feb

We’ve been attempting this week to convince a company about the power of social media. Now, you wouldn’t think it’s a difficult task, given 10,000 companies a day are signing up to Facebook and Twitter continues to defy gravity and breaking news stories left right and centre.

The British Monarchy is at home with social media as well as the Welsh Assembly, which is, like many a battle before them, using the internet to push for votes ahead of its upcoming elections. Now, we’re not after this particular company’s money for getting them on Twitter, we’re content providers and use these tools, just like the Welsh Assembly, as a means of communicating to more people.

There are those, of course, that will continue to peddle the “Facebook and Twitter are dead” lines, but for every dissenter there’s a million more pro. There is always the question at what point do existing social media go too far, become too big, engage too much with advertising?

Indeed there are “simplified” social networks popping up continually, using the LinkedIn method of providing a niche service to a wide audience, in their case an elevated version of Facebook for the professional in you. How many of you, for example, are on Ravelry – a free site for knitters and crocheters?? The future will no doubt become more personal and drill down to our own experiences, but social media’s big brothers in Facebook and Twitter will no doubt remain as we are, fundamentally just that, social.

Elsewhere at JJ Towers this week we’ve been talking to some exciting partners about @thecabcast who’ve been mightly impressed not just with the gobby cabbies, but with the huge numbers prepared to listen to their opinions. We’re also in development with two new apps that are going to turn something rather humble on its head (see there’s an app for everything), and remember keep your favourite podcast suggestions coming to @pickofthepods. The brilliant Tom Robinson tackling the podcast mountain for you so you don’t have to, but you can of course jump aboard his entertainment train and become his very own “Pod Pickers”. Which is exactly what we’re off to do.. On Facebook, on Twitter and, maybe, in our own knitted version on Ravelry. Now there’s a thought..

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