Where Twitter is the only city that never sleeps

21 Apr

It is with frustration that we begin work at 07.53 this morning in JJ towers, frustration as we’d quite like to carry on catching up on the “over-night news” that is Twitter.

According to one of those surveys this week, one in four users have been woken up by alerts from Facebook, but in our eye Twitter takes that stat and slam-dunks it.

Where you may have one or two Facebook friends suffering from insomnia or on the other side of the planet, Twitter has a whole community continuing their conversation 24 hours a day.

How often do you sit on Twitter furiously scrolling back to check you haven’t missed another outburst from @charliesheen ? Or like some of us, how many of you make your commute wishing the Wifi on the selected train service would just bloomin’ well hurry up so you can see just how that fellow from Houston is getting on with his unrequited love?

Twitter is far more addictive as a result. There are of course ways round it, follow less people (we’re of the opinion you need to be following over a thousand to really make Twitter work for you) or maybe get a life, but then where would we be?

Grown men rage when there’s the odd glitch that wont let them post on Twitter, or even worse seemingly knocks the amount of tweets they’ve made from 3,000 to 3. We can’t live without it, and regardless of us, it carries on living.

The Survey says “Britain’s 30million Facebook members apparently spend a full working week each year on the site while in bed, at an average of 21 minutes per person each day” good for them say us, but Twitter’s on us in the shower, at the bus stop, in bed and not forgetting Toilet Twitter for an all day approach.

If Facebook were the bread, Twitter would be the Nutella, it is that un-relentlessly good.

That said, when we do pop our heads up from the Twittersphere it’s been another busy few weeks in JJ towers. The new kids on the block in Stand-up at the Woodman and Pick of the Pods with the brilliant Tom Robinson continue to flourish. On the horizon expect something totally unexpected from the Comedy team  – trust us, The Only Way is Essex has nothing on what Stuart has up his sleeve.

Lisa’s also putting the finishing touches on another great sporting podcast from our Radio range, and it will be a warm welcome to JJ Towers for a much loved British institution.

If that wasn’t enough to be getting on with, we’ve not one, but two cunningly crafted apps (that will have you all fingers and thumbs) in development with a couple more new-borns on the way.

Remember if you have an idea, whatever it is, we’d love to make it happen, so get in touch via Twitter of course!

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