When God was a Rabbit and other animals

14 May

Richard and Judy and Jose Mourinho, not what you would call common bed-fellows, but it’s all in a day’s work here at JJ towers. The triumvirate will all, if not already, feature in new podcasts coming out of the Jibba Jabba Jam Factory this week.

The all new Richard and Judy Bookclub Podcast, exclusive to WHSmith, has already been a resounding success. Heading to the top of the charts in it’s iTunes category and all thanks to the huge following the bookclub enjoys.

Recording the show has been a joy.

Lisa, in particular, has been bathing in literature since she was knee-high to a Sony Walkman (a reference for the brilliant Julian Wilson who assisted us on the show) and was in awe at the variety of stories, walking away with a new reading list for the Summer. Well worth a listen and a look at the website for all the recommendations.

And then there was Jose. Or perhaps, and then there will be Jose. We can’t tell you much about it now, suffice to say if you’re a football fan and looking for insightful and entertaining conversation, the ultimate Podcast for you is on its way with plenty of exclusive content and the biggest and most engaging names.

Following a certain Royal Wedding and a trip to Cannes, Pick of the Pods returns next week sorting the many global offerings from the world of podcasts so you don’t have to. The brilliant Tom Robinson has been sharpening his “pick” readying himself in preparation, keep your suggestions coming.

Tim has been allowed out of the office this week, but only to stand in front of a conference to talk about blogging (he’s not writing this, but will probably be critique-asising it).

Caroline’s been trying on dresses for a big upcoming awards do as The Non League Show Podcast is nominated in the Press Association inaugural gongs for Online Media.

and speaking of which.. a big congratulations to Olly and Helen for their Sony Gold for their Answer me this! Podcast and to DJ Ritu for Podcast of the week in Time Out, both worthy honours and both about to hit the ground running with some fantastic new ideas.

Right, we’re off to soak our feet, listen to one of the shows and maybe catch a lift with the Cabcast boys later, before of course sitting down to read When God was a Rabbit. Remember if you have an idea and you want to make it happen feel free to get in touch. There’s a podcast with your name on it just a bunny-hop, skip and a jump away.

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