At last a social network your bosses can’t see

1 Apr

Hot on the heels of another report that more and more employers are checking out the social media antics of would be employees, one Scilly Isles-based company has launched a new social network that can privately host those photos of your debauched night’s out safe in the knowledge that your future career is not at risk.

Disgrace Book is designed for those who believe “What goes on tour, stays on tour”. Set up with a familiar user interface, users can secure access to photo galleries via password and to a private group of friends, so ‘in the gutter’ photographs can still be shared between those wanting to re-live that night out. But the photographs cannot be accessed beyond that social group, keeping them out of the reach of snooping employers.

Creator William Yoos, says: “We all like to let our hair down, every once in a while but the smartphone generation threatens that and our whole lives too – especially when the evidence is shared on public-facing social networks. With Disgrace Book, friends can still share pics and videos and give the usual banter, but within a secure and private environment”. Yoos came up with the idea a year ago for somewhat selfish reasons:

“I went on my own stag do to Benidorm and while I had a great time, there are certain things I wasn’t too happy about my wife-to-be, or worse still her family, seeing. I set-up a private network for the lads to share their memories, away from prying eyes and it really worked. Knowing it isn’t going to be seen by everyone, people are more natural in what they post and say.” Explains Yoos.

So the Law of the Stag and the Rules of the Hen now have a new tool, but so does anybody who wants to keep their social life, social but away from the eyes of business contacts and would be employers.

Sign up is free, with Yoos promising the service will remain free for at least the first 12 months. Give it a try at

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