The Twitter Generation – The Caveman Commeth

13 Mar

I’ve been invited to take part in a “Twinterview” – the social mash-up, as the name would suggest, of an interview conducted over Twitter.

I was asked by one of my Tweeps, who came up with the twuggestion over twoffee. “A Twinterview?” says I. Have we really become so ingrained in a social media age that we need to pre-fix everything with “tw” ? I agreed of course. Twidiot.

I live Twitter and am a social media addict (or Smaddict as I’d prefer to dub it). As a Smaddict I know the importance of cramming everything
into 140 characters. I could “tweetlonger” or embed a link to further explanation (my preference) but not everyone agrees. In fact, my propensity towards cramming as much as I can into social media, masks a general laziness in language. Continue reading

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