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Facebook is BBC 1, Unthink is E4.

2 Nov

Another week, another hastily scripted note advising on the merits of being onboard the latest social media bug.

A rather large media organisation has sent us an email  extolling the virtues of “Unthink”  or the “anti-Facebook” as heralded by The Huffington Post and Techcrunch. Now we’d attempted here at JJ HQ to “login” a while back to the new site and, well the Unthinkable happened. It crashed.

Fantastic news! They’re probably shouting from the bustling hives of Unthink HQ, as no doubt that means their servers are straining at the pressure of the rush-hour traffic driven from the likes of the HP and TC fanbase.

So should we be on the latest , newest, biggest, biggy thing? Undoubtably.

As a content provider we have to jump on everything right? Don’t and you risk missing out. Continue reading

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